What makes a designer shirt

More Than Just A Just Price Tag

Many shoppers often ask the same question: “What makes a designer shirt?” Let us assure you, it takes much more than just an eye-watering price tag to make any item of clothing ‘designer’. For a brand to achieve designer status, they need to do so much more than just source better quality materials and adding an extra 20 per cent markup to the cost of their garments.

Any true designer shirt you buy will not have been thrown together on a faceless production line, or made in some offshore sweatshop. Designer items don’t need to have been hand-stitched by the world’s finest seamstress to ensure quality, but there does need to be a great deal of precision and care involved in manufacturing each and every product. Nothing designer is created and finished in 10 minutes.

The Well Cut Method

At Well Cut, we ensure that tech meets tailor, combining the latest technologies with the traditional art form that is tailoring. Each tailored shirt we produce has been individually created to perfectly fit the frame of the wearer, for a confident and classic look. Precision is key to our procedure, in which each shirt is laser cut to your exact measurements and specifications, guaranteeing all our tailored shirts are of nothing but the highest quality.

The materials used to make a designer shirt will be stitched to withstand much more than a standard shirt – buy cheap and you buy twice, while a beautifully crafted designer item will hold its own, thanks to superior materials and excellent craftmanship. Designer is not just about the actual design of the item, or even the item itself; it’s about the time and care that has gone into creating it and the quality you get back from that level of precision and attention.

If you are looking for a shirt that ensures hard-wearing, long lasting quality; a shirt that looks every bit as great as it feels, it’s always worth investing in designer.

How we make our shirts

Our Fabrics

At Well Cut, for instance, we house hundreds of rare fabrics for our customers to choose from. By giving you the option of selecting the fabric you want your shirts to be made from, we can ensure that the latest addition to your wardrobe will be comfortable on your skin and will ensure you make a truly unique fashion statement.

Dress with confidence, knowing that your shirt will never let you down, ready to combine with your wardrobe for style on any occasion. You are a unique individual – shouldn’t your shirts be just as good?

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